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News & views

Announcements, editorials, and insights from the global orthopaedic and spine industry

today Published on 09-03-2017

AAOS 2017: Why we choose to attend

AAOS 2017: Why we choose to attend

Many people within the orthopaedic industry perceive the AAOS annual meeting as an exclusively ‘American’ event, with exhibitors purely focused on driving their campaigns within the US market.

In actuality, the event is a fantastic opportunity for international growth.

Approximately 40% of the global orthopaedic medical device industry market revenue is generated outside of the USA.

AAOS is a key event in the calendar of many international commercial delegates to find new products to sell in markets outside of the USA.

Over 10% of physician delegates who attend are from outside of the USA and a significant proportion of the 600 event exhibitors attend from Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australasia.

Even on the US exhibition stands, a significant proportion of attendees represent the international side of US businesses and are attending with the objective of meeting international surgeons, finding new products and finding new distribution channels outside of the USA.

AAOS exhibitors from across the globe bring with them technologies that have incomplete geographic coverage; AAOS is an opportunity to find these new products and offer a route to market outside of the USA.

As we approach this year's event in San Diego, we have been asked a lot of questions about our visit to AAOS, and why we choose to attend.

For us, AAOS is an opportunity to meet with companies who have a desire to grow and expand internationally.

International trade is a real challenge. Many businesses have the appetite for cross-border expansion, but need to implement the right strategies and processes to successfully import and export.

Orthoconnections offer a service across the orthopaedic and spine industry in connecting manufacturers and distributors to increase their commercial success internationally.

AAOS is a fantastic opportunity for us to partner with US-based businesses to build sales channels outside of their domestic markets, and work with companies outside of the US to find them products and sales channels to increase their product portfolios and implement geographical expansion.

Why should you visit Orthoconnections at AAOS?

Searching for new connections, new product acquisition and geographical expansion is time-consuming and expensive.

Our team can help alleviate these issues by outsourcing this activity to our team of industry experts.

If you’re new to the industry or just new to us, drop in to booth #710 to find out how we can help you expand your network.

We have a wealth of knowledge of orthopaedics and spine; knowing key talent pools intimately – enabling us to act faster on your behalf, knowing where the right talent and opportunity for you exists.

We use existing contacts, an ever growing member database and bespoke search to deliver the channel or product you’re looking for.

If you have specific search requirements for AAOS, please speak to Matt +44 (0) 7500 555508 or email mattwoods@orthoconnections.com.

If you’d prefer to visit our booth at the event, contact us to set up a meeting or drop in at booth number #710 for a face-to-face discussion with a member of the team.