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Need expert advice?

Setting up and running a company can be a daunting process. 

Whether you’re a startup or already running your own business, our experienced advisers can offer advice on business planning and growth, product identification and launch, distributor selection and management, and more.

Meet our advisors

  • Richard Moss

    Managing Director
  • Galvin Mould

    Managing Director
  • Jenny Torney

    ANZ Sales Manager
  • Adam Doubooni

    Managing Director
  • Clive Mitchell

    Managing Director and CEO
  • Fiona Walters

    Director of Orthoexecutive
  • Matt Woods

    Founder of Orthoconnections and Orthoexecutive
  • Luigi Bivi

    Managing Director
  • Gavin Crowther

    Director of Orthoexecutive

info Our advisors are independent and are not employees of Orthoconnections.